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Unique Selling Point [USP]

5 to 55 inches

My setup does simultaneous updates across multiple screens. This method is known as hot reloading. I have set up a development environment so that code changes are updated on any size screens on any number of screens simultaneously in realtime. With my method of realtime updates any layout problems can be immediately identify and rectified. So now I feel I have the tools needed to develop professional web Applications even static ones.

I know Google made a big deal of Flutter and their hot reload on a single phone simulator. Flutter's hot reload was meant to be so impressive it was show cased at a conference. Flutter simulator is unbelievably resource hungary. I actually upgraded my laptop to a games latop to run flutter's phone simulator. With this setup I can run on Rapsberry-pi(s) without seeing performance degradation.

Handy Tip

Rapid Application Development with Visual Basic

You could use Visual Basic to design the customer screens while you sit with the customer, Visual Basic's has drag and drop features.

It is normally very obvious those websites who do have a unique setup like mine. Some companies may have invested a lot more than me to have this setup. Some companies have two websites , one for desktop and one for mobile. (m.domain.xxx) Mobile what Phone Or Tablet ?