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Application Development Skills

  • Skill Assessment

    Recruiters and hiring managers will normally look at the number of years of commercial experience or lines of codes to make a decision whether they should hire the services of a developer or programmer. Most recruiter and hiring managers I have come across are not able to make distinction between programmers or application developer.

    Technically qualified Professionals I have worked with, do not give any weight to either of these factors, even which educational institutions they have attended.

  • CISQ {consortium for Information & Quality } Quote:

    The cost of poor quality software in the US in 2018 is approximately $2.84 trillion, If we remove the future cost of technical debt, the total becomes $2.26 trillion.

    This blindingly massive figure shows recruitment Assessment and project management policies are not working. The issue of Software crisis has been visited before by the United States Department of Defence and this was their conclusions.

  • Software crisis

    Grady Booch: The United States Department of defence (DOD) is perhaps the largest user of computers in the world. By the mid-1970s, software development for its systems had reached crisis proportions: projects were often late, over budget and they often failed to meet their stated requirements. It was evident that the problems would only worsen as software development costs continued to rise exponentially. To help resolve these problems which were further compounded by the proliferation of hundereds of different languages. The DOD sponsored the development of a single, common high order programming language. The winning design was originally called the Green Language (so called because of its team colour code during the competition), later renamed Ada.

    Designing a common high order programming language is unlikely to address the issue of failing to meet the stated requirements.