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The Objective

The objective of this excellent course was to be in a position to make distinctions between e-commerce applications and Machine learning application agnostic concepts both at architectural and programming level.

After I read a case study describing Airbnb used Machine Learning to label photos of rooms into room types and this would supposedly help with customer experience, I decided my interests would be best served if I focused on Java EE8. I am still very happy I did the course because I have a deep understanding in the field of Machine Learning.

KISSSS © in Action

Although this Machine learning course does take months never the less I still made use of KISSSS © to make the learning curve smoother by making use of this Cheat Sheet. I have always found OLTP application development and maths are not related as some people think. Analytical application Development does require prior understanding of certain algorithms.

Maths World

World of maths is very big. One doesn't need to be familiar with all of it be proficient in Machine learning